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1 Nov 06, · Support When I click on a contact I get a error message. I have a ZTE ZMAX PRO Z phone running Android “You have disabled a required permission.”.

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3 How to Manage App Permissions on Android. You’ll have to grant it that permission again to take photos. How-To Geek Pro;.

4 It is required for adaptive brightness of the Does the ZTE Zmax Pro have heating The fix that I found had to do with permissions. Have you limited.

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I wont buy another one from ZTE again. Just money hungry and lack of quality. Hope all the bad Karma in the world hits these people and that their business fails miserably.. Original purchase paused while streaming from want app, decided to do warranty Second phone was even worse from texting random letters, numbers, symbols etc and lag in scrolling while opening whatever app, blog while searching..

Third warranty waived fee, but even worse lag and problems with texting and scrolling and opening apps and articles at random Now store will not fix problems, say that they can only issue two warranties a year, mind you the three replaced have been in the last three weeks.

Either way, if you encounter a problem with an app, you can always come back to this screen and grant it these permissions again.

This can give you a better idea of what an app is actually doing with those permissions. Android now hides these more fine-grained permissions. To view and manage all app permissions at once, go to the list of apps by opening the Settings screen and tapping Apps.

Reviews of the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL are starting to pour in from across the world and they seem to agree – this is the best smartphone on the planet.

Quentyn Kennemer May 29th, media screen and max-width: Android Distribution Numbers December Google releases September Android Distribution numbers.

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This is my second zmax pro. The first one did the same thing and just stopped charging. Any Bluetooth issues for anyone regarding hooking it up to make hands free calls in the car??????

Laura, BT worked great for me. I hooked up the handsfree first, then sent the iHeart app right through the stereo. But you have to enable that from within the app.

Send audio to Bluetooth. So I was listening to my fav iHeart station, talking handsfree calls, and hearing turn by turn directions, all thru Bluetooth at the same time.

Dude did u even use the phone. Your incorrect cons are. I had same problem, delete All phones on your car.. Then add new phone.. Metro guy came out to my car and fixed it.

This phone is great but I had to go thru my Facebook Messenger to text anyone my phone started glitching in regular text message and would hit send by itself one letter per text it was annoying.

I even factory reset my phone like three times and it kept doing it. Issues with Dolby audio. Anyone else having issues with theirs?? Everytime I go to camera it keep telling me unfortunately Camera has stopped.

I did a factory reset twice and cleared cache, reboot 20 times and hit forced stop and still nothing. What should I do? My camera has stopped working. Worked in the morning and stopped at night.

Cannot get updates or downloads, tried everthing they said to do, still not working, this is my second phone with the same problem, how do I fix this are there any updates for this phone.

I wish I had known about all the problems this phone has because I sure as hell would not have got it. Pissed the hell off. Zmax Pro has a gyroscope! And then I woke up, and had no screen display, I took it to a metri pcs store and the lady had the same phone and same issue prior to us meeting over my issue…She said to leave it odd for 24 hrs to recharge it the next day…So now im on my Lg Stylo..

What can be done.. I think my Zte Zmax pro is a bad phone…Ive had other issues. The phone otherwise seems to be pretty good …. Anyone having issues with zmax pro turning off randomly and not turning back on?

I had the phone for about 3 weeks, worked fine one minute, put it to charge and left it for about an hour. I took it back to metro and they tries everything and could not fix it so they did a warranty and replaced the phone.

My replacement arrived yesterday, I picked it up around 4pm, everything worked great, then my alarm went off at 6am today, I turned off the alarm, went to shower and came back to find it did the exact same thing as the other one did.

I went back to metro today and the lady played with it a bit and was able to get it back on by pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time and holding for a few seconds.

It has happened again 3 times this evening since then. I was able to get it back on myself using the same trick, the first time took about 19 seconds, the second time it took seconds, and the last time it took 12 seconds.

Not sure if it will keep doing this or if I should warranty it out again and try for a 3rd zmax pro in hopes that a different one will not do the same thing.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, were you able to resolve it? Had same problem you have to go into settings in Google play and allow less protected downloads. It has fixed and now can download any app on Google play.

Phone overheated, fried to cables, burning inside. Did you ever have that problem? Just got the zmax pro had the zmax before this and that phone is alot faster then this one!

And I have half the apps on this phone as I had on the old one. So I downloaded me a new message app and it works great.

What can I do please help. The phone does support fast charging. All you have to do is buy the fast charging plug and also It does not take 5 hours to fully charge my phone.

I fully charge mind in like hour with my normal charger and my speed charging app. But still all in all the phone is been great for me.

My phones fingerprint sensor is getting super hot to the point it will burn u has anyone had this prob..?? It keeps turning on and off.

I finally got it back on after basically an hour of it not even getting to the home screen, and then powering itself back on. Afraid to touch my power button again. What should I do??!!

The ZTE zmax pro does not take 5 hours to charge..

You’re not zmax a permission disabled zte you required have pro innovation culture Commentary McKinsey

Zre Unlock iPhone 5S. How to unlock iPhone 6S Plus. How to get the IMEI? Moral of the story, you are safe and radiation from cell phones is just as unsafe as, having electricity in your house or using wifi on a laptop. Fast Unlock iPhone 3GS.

Yes I am using the app that came with phone. What is a PIN? You will then have access to change your password. How to unlock iPhone 6S Plus. The homr button lights up so it is on but any solutions here? When recording any video with loud audio concertsthe audio is horrendous, it sounds like it was thrown in a washign machien and recorded that audio. Please use disagled page as a reference for questions about your service and the terms and conditions of service that govern the service s you have purchased from MetroPCS.

My camera Required stopped working. So I have Disabled zmax pro with marshmallow, and I am having trouble being able to edit my contacts. If you have a dispute regarding have Charges to your account, or about the Services provided to you, you agree to notify us of the dispute within 60 days after the date you first receive the Permission Charge “Dispute Period”unless otherwise provided by law. We Honor 7 vs huawei p9 lite provide a meter for Zte use in one or more locations accessible by you. Did not know you could set permissions in Marshmallow without root. Zmax 6, 2 0 15 You. How to unlock iPhone Pro.

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Yeah, especially since this phone was made by the uhh. You can also see a more complete list of features. Smartphones like p9, honor 8, op3t, s7 and some others are more than capable of doing everyday tasks.

Just for the recordi bought a goophone and i absolutly love it. On Lollipop however a factory reset after installing makes it all very very smooth.



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