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1 The Galaxy Note 8 is a fantastic phone, but it can be overwhelming. Here’s a list of Galaxy Note 8 tips and tricks to help get you started.

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2 Aug 24, · Yesterday was a big day for Samsung who finally unveiled the often leaked Galaxy Note 8 phablet – the successor of last year’s ill-fated Galaxy Note7.

3 The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the most advanced phone that Samsung has ever made. Not only does it offer all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices.

4 Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8+ are big and powerful, attractive in appearance, and loaded with software goodies, but which one is the better pick?

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Instant access to full quick settings: Or double swipe down. Access full settings for the quick setting: You can just to the full settings for any of the quick settings icons with a long press.

Yes, quick settings will let you toggle things on and off, like Bluetooth, but tapping the words under the icon will open another panel in quick settings giving you more options.

This will select a device like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without heading to the full settings menu. Edit quick settings icons: To change the selection of shortcuts in quick settings open the quick settings area and tap the menu top right.

This gives you the option of “button order”, where you can add or remove the icons by dragging them in and out of the list. You can also reorder the apps. Remember that the first five icons are those you see on the instant access view, so pick your most important settings and put those at the top.

Change the quick settings grid: This lets you change the number of shortcuts shown in the quick settings area, meaning you can get more on one page.

This lets you choose 3×3, 4×3 or 5×3. The latter crams the most in. Access full device settings from quick settings: This takes you to the full settings menu, but it sits pretty close to the settings menu for the quick settings area, so make sure you tap the right one.

This will scan for things to connect to and offer devices that are found, like your Samsung TV. To turn off the option, open quick connect, hit the top-right menu, and turn off quick panel connect.

If you want to turn it back on, open quick settings, tap the Finder search box and scroll down. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers a whole range of security options, including iris, fingerprint and face recognition, meaning more options for unlocking your phone.

Change lock screen shortcuts: You can have two shortcuts on the lock screen for quick access. These are phone and camera by default, but can be anything you like.

Here you can select the left and right shortcuts, or turn them off completely. Select your security type: Here you can add your fingerprints and toggle on or off the fingerprint unlock option.

We recommend registering at least the forefinger on both hands, so you can unlock with either hand. To use your face to unlock your phone, head into the lock screen settings as above and select face recognition.

This will learn your face and let you unlock by looking at your phone. This is less secure than iris scanning or fingerprint scanning as it can be opened with a picture of you. Use your iris to unlock the phone: To use iris, you need to swipe up from the lock screen.

This will open the iris scanner and beam your eyeball. When you press the standby button, you want your phone to lock instantly. This is a standard Android feature and you have the option to nominate trusted devices, so your Android will unlock when connected to something else.

You can nominate Bluetooth devices like your smartwatch or car Bluetooth, location, trusted voice and so on. Automatically wipe your device: Unlock with home button: The virtual home button under this display with usually wake up the screen with a hard press.

But you can use it to bypass this and get straight to security, making for faster and easier unlocking. The Note 8 will do both.

If you use PIN, this just makes things faster to unlock. There are also a whole load of functions relating to notifications on the lock screen which we look at in the notifications section below.

Manage edge screen content: Or, swipe in to open edge screen, then tap the cog bottom centre. You can add or remove content, as well as download other content here.

Change the apps in apps edge: One of the edge panels offers you app shortcuts. As above, head into edge panels and tap EDIT at the bottom of apps edge. Use App Pair to launch two apps simultaneously: A new feature on the Note 8 is App Pair.

This will let you create double shortcuts to launch two apps in split screen mode. Head into the edit section as detailed above, but then tap “create app pair” top left.

Change the location and size of the edge screen handle: Head into edit edge panels as above and click the menu top right, tap handle settings. Reorder edge screen panels: You can then arrange your panels.

Use edge screen from the lock screen: Enable edge lighting for notifications: You can have the edges light up when you have a notification. This will then flash the edges of the display when you have a notification.

Select the apps that will have edge lighting flashes: Write notes on your lock screen: Just pop out the S Pen and start writing, without having to unlock your phone.

Just press the button to delete your scribbles when you make a mistake. Tap save to keep that note. It will give you up to pages of notes that can be saved.

Choose what happens when you remove S Pen: Here you have three action options for when the S Pen is removed – Air command, create note, or do nothing at all.

Air command is the interface that pops-up for you to tap with the S Pen. To customise this, open Air command and tap the settings cog in that appears in the opposite corner.

Launch Air command if the icon has vanished: Highlight text with S Pen: Simply press and hold on the text you want to highlight. Or, press the button and tap the screen to select a word, or drag the selectors out to extent that selection.

Zoom in on a photo: In the Gallery, open a photo you want to look at. Double tap to zoom or touch with S Pen and press and hold the button to zoom by moving the S Pen. Preview photos in Gallery with S Pen: Hover over a photo in the gallery and it will pop up from the thumbnail giving you options to write on it, share, edit or delete, using Air view.

The same can be done in calendar, scroll lists, and viewing links. Have an alarm if you move too far from S Pen: Translate on the fly with S Pen: Simply remove the S Pen and from Air Command select “translate”.

Using the control at the top you can select either a single word, or entire paragraphs. Use live message to send custom gifs: A new feature for the Note 8, you can write or draw replies to messages with S Pen and send the result as a gif.

Enter your email below to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews and exclusive deals on Recombu. Like its smaller siblings, the Note features a dedicated Bixby button on its left side – tapping this brings up the Bixby screen, which is loaded with information pertinent to you.

Best voice-controlled AI assistant. You can choose what actions are performed when pressing the Bixby button, including nothing at all. Quick-launching apps works fairly well but toggle actions like the flashlight are a little less reliable.

A small but useful feature is the ability to reveal the notifications pane by swiping down on the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. Just hold down the home button and the power button at the same time, wait or a white flash and a screengrab will be taken and whisked over to the Gallery app.

Knowing this, Samsung as included a one-handed mode, which organises things like the keypad, virtual keyboard and the unlock pattern screen so that you can operate them with one mitt.

Be careful, though, as Android viruses are a real issue. Customise your phone with non-Samsung widgets Samsung supplied a nice handful of widgets with which you can customise your home screens, but far too few people try a new look with third-party widgets from Google Play.

And there are loads out them out there. Some of our old faves include those of the Beautiful Widgets package. By Andrew Williams June 13, It improves the stylus, gets a sleeker look and nabs all the best bits from the Samsung Galaxy S3.

This lets you launch any app on the phone with a quick flick of the S Pen. Just press the stylus button and swipe up the screen, and the Quick commands box will pop-up.

Draw your pre-determined character or symbol and key-presto, the right app will launch. How to get the top 5 Pixel 2 features on any….

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Here are some of the best phones you can buy on this budget. Is it worth the upgrade? Honor 7X vs Honor 6X.

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Just set a dark theme, try to avoid Samsung colors and use a And wallpaper. Ver canal 5 en vivo mexico galaxy have any other tips for your fellow Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users? Fingerprint gesture support A small but useful feature is the ability to Tips the notifications pane by swiping Tricks on the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. On some apps Facebook for exampleyou can Note a “badge” that shows you how many notifications you have for that app. You can just to the full settings for any of the quick settings icons with a long press. Customise Do not Disturb:

When tios lift your finger, you can drag the Samsung box that Tips and resize your widget. If you have Samsung Pay setup on your Note, you also have the Galaxy to access it by swiping up on the sensor too. There will also be and pre-order note. Just do yourself a favor and turn those things off, unless Tricks actually care about them. Battery life is the Achilles heel of modern smartphones. Top picks include Sketchbook Pro and Infinite Painter. The sound is very exciting, right?

A new feature on the Note 8 is App Pair. This will let you swipe the display with your hand to capture the screen. Sa, sung time is displayed when connected to a charger. Enable full screen apps: Additionally, the Galaxy Note 5 supports wireless charging. Honor 7X vs Honor 6X. Just press the button to delete your scribbles when you make a mistake.

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