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1 ZTE ZMax Pro now available from T-Mobile with 6-inch display, megapixel camera. After launching on MetroPCS back in July, the ZTE ZMAX Pro is making its way to T.

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2 Looks like Bixby Voice isn’t the only goodie that T-Mobile Galaxy S8 customers are getting today. T-Mobile is now pushing software updates to its versions of the.

3 Jan 10, · The LG K10 for MetroPCS is a relatively affordable Android phone with a nice build, but it’s held back by underpowered hardware.

4 Looks like Bixby Voice isn’t the only goodie that T-Mobile Galaxy S8 customers are getting today. T-Mobile is now pushing software updates to its versions of the.

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LG is running a custom UI layer on top, which removes the app drawer and splashes apps across the home screens. There are some minor alterations to the notification shade and Settings menu as well.

Out of the total 16GB of internal storage, roughly half is taken up, leaving you with 8. For even less money, the ZTE Zmax Pro gets you a faster processor, more RAM, a sharper display, a better camera, longer battery life, and a fingerprint sensor.

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The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is a powerful phone that uses a dedicated AI processor to improve camera capa PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

LG Stylo 2 Plus. Motorola Moto G4 Plus. LeEco Le S3 Next: By Ajay Kumar Mobile Analyst. Can you tell me exactly where to go to find the permissions? I tried to delete my google account and reboot, didnt help.

I am trying to update my whatsapp since it says I have to do so in 5 days in order to keep using it. And since family is abroad I really want to be able to use it to communicate with them.

However, I have not tried to factory reset my phone since I dont want to lose the stuff i have on it. Any other suggestions what to do before I throw this piece of crap out my window…?

Navigate to and click Google Play Store. Click OK — this will reset the app to the Factory version the first version. Without connecting to the internet, Launch Google Play Store.

Choose Do not auto-update apps radio button. NOW connect to the Internet 8. Launch Google Play Store as usual to update or download an app. Choose the app and click Install.

Still the same error pops up for any app I try to download. My system is up to date, I removed updates from Google play and nothing has changed. My sync is turned on, Bluetooth is on, my internet connection is fine.

When all else fail I would recommend doing a factory reset of the device. I have same phone with same problem. I do not want to lose everything!

Try my suggestion listed elsewhere posted today. Have you gotten this fixed and if so how did u get Google to start working again. To many ifs doing a factory reset.

Please let me know how you fixed this problem. Thanks and have a good day. How will we get this fixed? If not, download it and that should solve the problem, or at least it did for me.

If i cant download, how will I download an app to help me download…………….. The problem with this solution is that once you have that error code you cant download anything at all. Try downloading apk files from UC mini browser.

Get the browser from PC. Thank you so much Bill L!!! Then found the file in my downloads, opened it and let it install on my Zmax Pro. I went back to Play Store and it let me download my updates and download new apps!!!

THanks so much, this works!!!!! Finally I can download again on my zmax!!!! I love you Jaime: What does this do to all other apps tied to this account — especially things like Calendar.

I want to start manually. Anyone tell me that how to fix it. I resolved this as follows:. Force stop and clear data all data, not just cache from: I have a Samsung Galaxy note 4 edge.

I have done everything, nothing g is working. I have tried all of these methods to no avail. I keep getting the same error code.

So updated my galaxy s3 to stagefight now it is stuck in recovery mode. No files on bkup or in cache files. Will not connect to pc so only way I can fix is aply updTe with sd card.

I deleted and then added my account as you had said.. I was able to download an app without the error.. But when I was about to download the second one, I got the same warning again..

Also, my phone gets switched of very often.. Sick of this error.. I was attempting to download an app it read insuff storage so I cleared my caches and it gave error message. I then restarted my phone and now my app is downloaded.

It did not work for me. I have tried it several times but no success. My playstore misbehaved after upgrading my samsung i from android 2.

Anyone with a solution is welcome to assist. I do not get an error message. When I try to download an app or widget the bar looks like it is downloading but there are no percentages and it never finishes.

Do you have a fx for this problem? Your Internet could be slow or you could be lacking enough space. How can I find,,,. Thanks for the help Bertil. This alone worked fine on my Samsung S5.

Did not work for me I have tried many different reboots clearing data, caches, removin Google account. Unable to figure out how to force the apps through adb command prompt with windows 7, I thought I could send the two Google play apps from a file explorer off my tablet Tainishi Digiland DLQ on account of both using same OS 4.

I have a vonino Sirius z tablet and a have de same problems with error I have this error when I introduction in SD card. I solved my own, by removing the SD card and I install game in internal storage.

Later I copy the games in SD card. By the time of the downloading and installation the SD card is removet. I have tried times but the same thing happens ….

Is there any other way? I have a problem cannot update apps everytime i get error read your advise but cannot remove the billing account can u help me how to remove it. LOL what a complete waste of space this was.

I have spent the last hours trying to get back some of her lost work and play to no avail. I strongly advise all looking at this to be either, very careful or go to an expert in person.

ERROR code mixed with muppets like this adviser has made my next few days a complete absolute nightmare. Hope to see you back at a later time. Pretty pathetic that parents nowadays entertain their kids with tablets to distract them from the real world.

Nowhere on this page does it say to factory reset. Dont blame someone who is trying to help for your complete inadequacies. Its YOUR fault your daughters stuff was lost not the person who published this advice.

Thanks Bertil, this worked perfectly for me, although i didnt reboot. Thanks for your suggestions. Good you help me? Huawei ascend y Reboot of fone works when playstore error pops up thx for help op and contributors.

On my case I got rid of the problem by restarting alone. D Thanks so much, I was at the point where I was ready for launching my tablet through the nearest window, honestly.. This has been driving me nuts for a couple of months…..

No, this method is not working on my android phone. I tried this several times on different occasions. It is just not working. Immediately after doing this I tried to download from google playstore, but it is showing the same error code.

You erase the app data and you open it and download whatever you wanted to download. It worked for me. Enough so that I searched and found this page and attempted this very good suggestion to no avail.

I am using samsung galaxy grand duos GT-I Actually co-incidently Google play store is deleted from my smartphone. An error is occuring. Can you please suggest any ways to solve this issue?

Guys I cant download any app or game from playstore in my tab. Hello, I have a problem with my samsung galaxy tab 3 neo, When I try to download any apps from playstore the app is not downloading, it is showing only downloading bar, but no percentage bar is coming, what could be the issue, help is much needed.

Hi All, I am facing the same problem like those of you. Frustrated though I try downloading a latest version of my phone build number Huawei MediaPad x1.

You know what it works. No more error hope it will solve your problem too. I did a factory reset. I disabled, force closed or cleared cache on Google play store or Google play service..

It was happens to me. Remove google account from setting. Go to setting and add google account. Go to PlayStore 5.

Download whatever you wants. This worked for me but after downloading an app or updating my apps I have to keep doing it again and again! I did this and it worked but it happens again every couple of days.

I even did a factory reset at one point and it still does it on a regular basis. I find this happens on my LG G2 most often when I use a cleaner application.

In either event I simply reboot the phone and it resolves the issue. Now on my tablets. I followed all the suggestions about deleting Google play, rebooting clearing cache and all that and it never worked.

Once I did that I still cleared the cache in the app rebooted and it was fine. Honestly this thing is a joke. There are far too many answers in the forums and the developers attitude is like.

Yea well your right it should not. They need to fix this issue. You get the error more than once be descriptive about the issue and recommend a reboot, run a script then have it restart.

Better yet get to the heart of the fault and just fix it already. It is not often Android has issues but I am a bit taken back by the attitude over this one being its obviously not major, a simple issue and should not be simply listed as an error but a defect Users enhancement.

I begin to wonder why Android is becoming more and more Windows like where a reboot will solve anything. Dude, how did this get posted?

I did it and the next time I tried to download an app which was right after I did the steps I had the same thing happen after as before.

I have rebooted my device samsung galaxy s duos. This worked first time but keeps on coming back i think problem is with play store and play google services there is a BUG that needs to be fix.

I have the samsung galaxy tab 2. A reboot is a restart device power of, then back on again Do this manually if you cannot trust the reboot function. I have even tried a new email address.

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Frustrated though I try downloading a latest version of my phone build number Huawei MediaPad x1. Click OK — this will reset the app to the Factory version the first version. Its working for too only. Manchester City-Napoli in diretta su February 23, at 4: The K10 fails to impress when you take a peek under the hood. Insigneuscita precauzionale per un problema fisico Insigne:

I have a Samsung Galaxy note 4 edge. November 6, at 9: February 23, at 6: ERROR code mixed with muppets like this adviser has made my next few days a complete absolute nightmare. May 2, at 9:

Frustrated though I try downloading a latest version of my phone build number Huawei MediaPad x1. To many ifs doing a factory reset. April 6, at 7: March 13, at 9: I metdopcs did a factory reset at one point and it still does it on a regular basis. July 24, at 2:

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One only needs to visit innovation hubs such as Shenzen to see what companies such as Huawei and Tencent are bringing to the table. The Indian consumers have a sharp sense of value, and they see this in the Chinese smartphones.

Phase one, he says was around online distribution while phase two is around offline distribution. Following Lenovo and Motorola, most of the Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, LeEco, Coolpad, Meizu and others entered India through the e-commerce route.

Market share is an outcome in many ways of a product pipeline, so this is a reflection of how the players thought of products a couple of years ago.



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