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1 Updated on April 29, Added and fixed the download link problem. Now you can follow the guide on How To Root And Install TWRP Recovery On Asus Zenfone 3 .

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2 ASUS Flashtool adalah Sebuah alat / software yang digunakan agar mudah dalam melakukan perbaikan software handpone [flasher], termasuk seri Zenfone 3.

3 Updated on April 29, Added and fixed the download link problem. Now you can follow the guide on How To Root And Install TWRP Recovery On Asus Zenfone 3 .

4 Sep 21, · The center of the Android Universe for help and discussion on Galaxy, Nexus, Droid, Evo and all your favorite Android phones and tablets!

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Asus will launch its new range of ZenFone smartphones in China on 11 April Each of the smartphones is named based on their screen size and all these offerings fall in the entry and mid-range category.

Monday, October 09, Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Common problems and troubleshooting solutions for ZenFone running Android 7.

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Your Android Device warranty may get void after following the below tutorial. How to unroot Android device: Kingo Root installing drivers for rooting Step 5: Yes you can remove them once you have root access.

You need to unlock bootloader first! Unable to root Wolder Millennial stock 5. Did you try KingRoot? To unlock the device use fastboot oem unlock method using ADB fastboot tool.

Please follow the CF-Auto Root procedure updated. Have you unlocked your bootloader? Hey, unable to root my Pixel XL?

How to root my galaxy note 4 6. I already installed twrp on my phone Thanks. How to root Lyf Flame 2. It displays error when rooting by Kingroot.

I cant root my lg-Hn with anything, even this. How do I root my phone? Enabled usb debugging still wont connect lg k7 to pc. Using Samsung Galaxy S6 btw. You need to unlock Bootloader first in Motorola devices.

Hi how can I root my xiaomi redmi note 3 with any of the above I have tried kingroot and root genius but nothing worked please suggest me a good app Thanks. Root Redmi Note 3. Dumbass ur using a chinese fone.

Chinese people are dumb as brick. Below, we have mentioned best way to root android phone without PC. I have added complete guides, which you can use for root your phone.

I have mentioned 8 methods below, which can work for you. I am sure, you will get success in rooting your phone.

Some people try to root their phone without any knowledge, letter they might brick their Smartphones by Un-Installing Some important System apps. So check out apps to root android phones without PC now from below.

If you want to know how to root on Android, then this tutorial is for you. Must Checkout — How to use Network Spoofer app for prank with friends. Root Android without computer or a PC: Rooting your Phone without any Computer have some benefits.

Which is mentioned below? Read Below full article for Full info about it. Also, have a look at Whatsapp Tricks. Root Android phone without PC is very easy and common nowdays.

Everyone wants to root their phone, without PC. I will mention some cool apps for rooting your android device without using PC.

Checkout Full Guide from below about how to root Android without the computer. How to root android without computer method. If you are newbie in using android, than rooting your phone is not recommended.

So this is the just simple process, in which you can unlock your phone for do various different things. After root your Phone, you can do several experiments with it. Also Checkout some Best Whatsapp Tricks for use whatsapp like a pro.

So do checkout full method from below for rooting your Smartphone easily. So check it out from below for how to root a phone without a computer. Below I have described some benefits for rooting your Android Phone.

Must read it out. Basic Advantages of rooting android phones: It may cause several problems in your Mobile Phone. Have a Look at Disadvantages of root your Android Phone.

So follow simple below steps for Root without PC. So guys, if you want to root your phone, then there are some changes, which your phone could brick.

So taking a backup will be a Good option. There are many ways to root Android mobile phones without Pc.

After you Rooted your Phone via any of apps, which is listed above. But it will not root your Android Phone properly. Because, without busy box, your phone will not be functionally fully root.

You Have to Install busy box app, for make sure that your phone is rooted properly. Some apps can run without Busybox app. Like, cheat droid app requires busy box app for work. Like these, there are many apps which require busy box app.

I have a galaxy s5 with 5. When I open the game it tells me location not found. Is there any advice that I could get?

Can you please help, I been trying to do this for 2 days now. I have Samsung Galaxy s5 5. You must try this: Pokemon GO Kitkat and above hacks.

Please refer the new article for Lollipop devices here: I have an s5 as well but it says failed to locate location. Can u help me? Hi i have tried it and it works. May i ask there is an updated version of pokemon go now.

Is still safe to use this with proper care;-. Can someone tell me how to move the joystick to a different part of the screen?

Anyway do you have any idea why the joystick does not appear on the game? I have tried to turn it off and on again but still nothing happens. I can set the location and it works just fine but since no joystick I cannot move it around tho.

Have you got any idea about this? Fly gps app keeps crashing on redmi phones My phone: It just does not start after installed from playstore. Can you all stop asking the same stupid questions over and over please?

We have a real issue to figure out now. How do we stop from bouncing back to our actual location? Yes I would alsonly like to know… how to stop bouncing back and forth from real location to fake location….????

Not getting pokeballs and all stuff from pokestop.. Everything else working fine… Need response asap.. Just keep clicking on a pokestop and spin it click off it and spin it again keep doing it and eventually it will give stuff then u can catch pokemon does take about five minutes.

Everything is working well.. As there is no any gps related problem.. Though game absolutely working fine.. But in game i am not getting pokeballs nd all stuff from pokestop… Plz reply soonest..

Please refer updated guide here: Pokemon GO no Root hack. You cant go too fast you cant go places too far from origin the softban will be removed depending on how long you traveled lasting from 2 to 24 hrs.

It doesnt work for my xiaomi4i tho.. Please let me know when you have a solution…. Or is rooting a must to avoid bans? Rooting does have an advantage over non-rooted hack. Yes rooting can help you hide your spoofing from Pokemon GO servers.

Hello i have just done this hack and tried to catch about 30 pokemon even a 10cp pidgey everytime they break out and run no matter what can this be fixed or can you shed some light as to why its happening??

Ahhhh it was working fine but now i cant click pokestops, it makes this sound affect and im worried… Did i get banned or something??

My joystick automatically gets closed after 30 seconds while playing Pokemon go ……help me fix. Hey please help me too.. It also warns that it would not work properly with settings as they are the settings instructed when selecting joystick Pokemon.

You need a hide mock location tool which requires root and xposed. I have allowed mock locations also downloaded fly GPS, started the service but when I started the pokemon go the joystick appeared but it said cannot detect location and I cannot find pokemons using the joystick.

You can go here and there using joystick but you will do nothing. Anyone know oh how to fix this? I have cleared cache, reinstalled, turned off and on, no luck.

Any help will be appreciated. Im trying on zte zmax pro. Give all permission to fly gps …. Is there a solution for this? I think youre missing a step in this whole thing.

I am also using the Andriod version 5. I also seen you mention the marshmallow thing, which I have no idea what it could be. Btw, when used by just selection the only mock option, the same message mostly everyone gets shows up: This version does not work correctly lowered.

Masimelrowoo to normal operation only in later version!. Your guide in no where says you need the using the andriod version marshmallow. I have to most recent android update and a s5 the game will load I can move the guy but It wont show any pokostops or any gyms just a blank map.

Its showed Pokemon Joystick Warning. Im using Samaung Glaxy A7. His phone is up to date, as well as the app. What are we doing wrong? Hi guys ive tried it..

So far the gps works well. However when i click gps service run joystick pokemon go, theres no joystick that appears on my phone? Just wondering if anyone has encounter the same problem… Helps pls.

For softbans spin pokestop times… your welcome: Teleporting home isnt bad in your own neighborhood as you wont likely get softbanned.

Jumping long distances like state to state in short times will almost likely result in a softban because who travels that far in under such a small amont of time.

And remember Always clear google location history. Is there a way to fix this. My only complaint is that it frequently teleports me back to my actual location – but only briefly, before teleporting me to the set location once more.

Considering what this has allowed me to do, I am definitely willing to wait out the softbans. Same happens to me. How did you get around this? Same is happening to me and causing soft ban.

Will have to try something else I guess as I cannot find a way to stop it. Even using it to go 10m from my house it teleports me briefly back home every now and then. Worked to mock location.

Went to central park from oklahoma. Thing is pokestops will not give anything and all pokemon escape and run away instantly. Same thing here, I started using the service, I got like 3 pokestops and caught a magikarp, then suddenly no pokestops work and every pokemon breaks put and runs immediately.

Every time i do this it takes you to the destination but says failed to detect location I have also set location to high accuracy.

Anyone know how to fix this? This Version does not work correctly lowered. I have tried all avenues to root my phone to no avail. I have a Samsung s5 gmv Running 5. I use cricket as a service provider and the 6.

Fake GPS allowed me to change my location and Pokemon go works however I can not move around as that app has no joystick. I am curious of anyone has another option for me.

I do not have a pc so the only way to attempt root is through the phone itself however I have tried over a dozens websites and apps to root it but can not. How do i turn off Fly GPS again?

So, i did by step by step, but i have no option such as select mock apk, only enable or disadble. I tried it anyway, high accuraty, downloaded everything, enabled mock location, but it says: Failed to find your location.

After i disabled the mock location and found myself at my origine location. Hi, so, for your knowleadge. This app work in Marshmellow, but just since 6. Any fellow Xiaomi users have success with activating the joystick?

Will be it works on moto g3 marshmellow? It will show error in lolipop failed to detect location Will i face same problem if i upadte to marshmellow os? Do you have any idea if the marshmellow update is coming out for tge original droid turbo?

If so any idea when? Ok so the thing is suddenly pokemon go is not detecting my location…. For anyone having issues with getting softbanned go into an unused pokestop, spin, exit the pokestop, enter it again, spin it, and exit.

Repeat this process about 40 times and the ban should stop. The shorter you jump the less spins it seems to take. My phone does not have the select mock location app setting but has enable mock location.

Open pokemon go and in the background go on settings and disable mock locations make sure both run on same time. For kitkat, select fix localitation option, joystick doesnt work.

Then unmark mock locallitation and go to pokemon go. It works for me, but cant move avatar. Sorry 4 my english PD: Joystick works great but there are no pokestop gyms or anything so i am walking on a road doing nothing any way to get passed this?

This hack has not worked at all from the 0. I try to catch anything and it runs away, I used a razz berry and a great ball on a weedle and it ran away, why?

It seems like every 5 minutes this happens. Hopefully the App developer can fix this. It seems to be the case with a couple of the GPS Spoofing apps out there right now.

When you check reviews for apps of this nature it seems to be a common issue. I was having the same issue. It seems when other apps in the background call to use mobile location your phone sets your location to your actual area.

I noticed everytime I took a screen shot it would move me. So I went to disable location. I have s7 with marsh. I went to privacy and safety, then app permissions. You will see location x out of y apps allowed.

If you hit that you can deselect them all. Remember to turn it back on for apps you need when you are done. I did what Lucio did and my location keeps jumping from spoofed to actual.

I am using my mobile data network. Yesturday I was on wifi I did not notice it jumping at all. Maybe it depends on if connected by wifi or mobile data.

Only the option to allow mock location. I have set it to high accuracy as well. It still says it fails to detect location. Try going into a pokestop, spinning, editing out, and repeat this process at an unused pokestop until it gives you things.

I have a oneplus x with Android version 5. When in developer mode in the setting I select the allow mock location I get no option to select a application. Any idea how to get passed this?

Course, there are many root without asus zenfone how to pc 5

Use KingoRoot too root your device. Enter the Gym and click on Battle. My only complaint is that it frequently teleports me back to my actual location – but aenfone briefly, before teleporting me to the set location once more. Advertise Jobs About Contact. This app works on One Click Root. Presumably using data from the mobile network. Yes rooting can help you hide your spoofing from Pokemon GO servers.

When Withoug allow fly gps in mock locations How developer options, without gps still asks me to enable the check box. Share screenshots of well done home pages? Thanks for the advice. Just root the app. Facebook is Asus highlights to help you to make new companions by Andrew Taylor8. Android version of the device? I believe these are safe ways Zenfone spoof.

When someone is calling question. Who wants an Android Mini collectible?? Hey buddy you are soft banned by niantic. Flash any stock or custom ROM. Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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