How to fix touch id on iphone 5s

1 Jun 30, · I did not know about the ‘bug’ problem on touch ID. I have heard it is happening as a problem (losing fingerprint memory) on the 6 and 6+ as well as the 5s.

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2 Apple introduced this fabulous feature for the first time on iPhone 5s. Using Touch ID to unlock your iPhone is To Touch ID Not Working On iPhone – How To Fix It.

3 We examine the new iPhone 5s’s Touch ID feature in Q&A format, and consider situations where you’ll have to depend on your passcode instead.

4 Why would the home button work, but not Touch ID? to be buying my customer a new iPhone 5S! charge my iphone? 2. How to resolve touch id problem with respect.

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By erasing the iPhone you will delete all your settings, apps, and data. To erase your iPhone, follow the steps below. Restoring process wipes everything on iPhone, such as data, apps, settings, the OS, the firmware, etc.

Here are the steps:. Updating the iOS of your iPhone is important. It brings some bug and glitch fixes, and improvements in the performance of the phone. Give the device some time to settle after the update.

The updating process can change some settings of your iPhone. Check if it has reseted your fingerprints too. Please type your message and try again. Reply I have this question too Helpful answers All replies.

The problem may crawl back. The trick being, 1. Enter your passcode to unlock the phone. StephanieBell Jun 25, 2: Some reasons Touch ID may not work: Your finger moved too much from the last time you scanned it You used a different finger Your finger is wet or damp.

This happens both ways: The solution is, obviously, to use clean fingers. Similarly, if you are using the iPhone 5s out in the cold, wipe the home button clean before you place your finger there.

The ring over the home button is the guy who figures out you are about to unlock your iPhone and the device should scan and check the fingerprint. Only Apple and Apple Stores have the ability to pair a new home button with a logic board.

I run a smartphone repair service here in my country. This problem is with my own “screen replaced” Iphone 6. It works good until one day home button starts with this: After that I can slide to unlock and the home button runs good again: After 2 minutes from the screen turned off, same problem: I can only wake up the phone with Power button and after that I can use again Home button.

If the Home button is pressed 30 seconds aprox after turninf off the screen with Power button, the screen wakes up normally. Any helps or comment would be appreciate. I had a case with the home button not functioning afte i replaced the screen.

Still the original home button ofcause. It seems that disconnecting the battery Can sometimes cause a mismatch or error with the home button. My solution was to do a full format of the phone.

Connecting it to iTunes and do an overwrite of the old firmware. I dont know if an update through iTunes is sufficient but maybe. Instead of erasing the entire phone. This is some last resort procedure, but it worked for me and i hope it Can help some of you.

Let me know if it does or if Any of you have some input! I just replaced my iphone 6 plus lcd and having this issue even using the original components.

Doing a backup now and will try ajes suggestion. I just ordered a new flex cable, hopefully it will fix the problem once I receive and replace it. I have to live without touch id for the time being.

I have factory reset them all also and still show an issue? Did connecting the cable work? I dropped my phone and the Touch ID just stopped working but the button the pressing the button worked fine.

Did reconnecting the wire work? I did the reset and all that and still nothing. Everything works except for the Touch ID. I have done a hard reset, and disconnected the ribbon connectors, cleaned them, and reconnected them.

Does any one know of a solution to this issue? I have changed the home cable for my iPhone 6 Plus. I can confirmed that almost issue can be fixed by a full restore, just back up your phone and restore it.

There is no need to keep the original home cable to do the trick. Show 40 more comments. The problem was indeed that the home button flex cable was not seated correctly.

Simply disconnecting the cable and reseating solved the problem. I have a customer with an iphone 6 where i did replace the screen and move the original home button to the new screen.

After installation the touch id does not function. I have replaced the long connector cable on the back plate, still no luck. I got the same problem. When I try add a touch ID finger print on my iphone 5s it says “Unable to complete touch ID setup” please help me to solve this problem.

Show 32 more comments. It is impossible to replace the home button assembly and preserve Touch ID function. The sensor is designed to be secure and it is uniquely paired with each CPU.

Reprogramming them is unlikely—even for Apple. They have never offered to replace the button and likely never will.

So if the device is under warranty, leave it to Apple. If the sensor is replaced by you or damaged, you will lose Touch ID forever. If the key not responding to presses i can throw it to the ocean cuz avery sendor is uniqe to its phone?!?!

Mine is damaged, but I replaced with another one. The touch ID did not work anymore, but the home button is working fine. And manuch you realise it cost twice as much to fix nearly everything on a Samsung then an iPhone right?

And the s4 is now 2 gens old pushing for three if you count the totally not copied by name samsung Galaxy s6 edge plus.

Apple parts are cheap to get and easy to fix. Is it not possible to replace the touch id chip when you break the flex cable. It is possible to replace only the flex cable and leave the rest of the button intact isnt it?

Has anyone taken an out of warranty iPhone 5S to Apple and gotten them to fix the home button? Just wondering how much it will cost.

I think it is the silver chip on the cable that is paired to the CPU. January 8 by Hridoy Khondoker.

January 10 by Tim Le. Apple can reprogramme the home button. They will probably charge you the price of a new phone or at least a used phone.

May 27 by Chris Conlon. Show 9 more comments. If you are having issues with the home button on the iPhone 5S, the assembly can be replaced. The part is available from iFixIt as well as many other vendors:.

It is very important to note that although you can replace the home button assembly, you will permanently lose any Touch ID related functions if you do so.

I have heard that recent ios updates have eliminated the error 53 due to replacing the home button. Apple says” we are so sorry, that error was only for technicians, and was not meant to render your iphone unusable.

My iPhone 6 Touch ID is having delays every time I place my fingerprint on the scanner it unlocks one minute after.

January 8 by Pat spelman. And Whats Its Cost? January 28 by Mohammed Kassam. Show 6 more comments. You can repair the touch id button if your touch ID still works but not your button.

Although their is some skill to it. All you have to do is carefully desolder the button from the bottom of a replacement button and desolder the original button 4 legs and then solder the replacement button back onto the original.

I have done many of these. Wow that is incredible and there are people out there that will sell you the home button and not even tell you that this is a fact.

I replaced 2 buttons on the same Iphone only to then search and find this answer of why they do not work. I accidentally cut the flexcable and will replace it.

Is it still possible then to keep the Touch ID working? February 7 by tomasbeauchamp. Put it on Github and link to it. Do whatever you can to help us.

May 11 by dikkedimi. The ID Touch is part of the home button and unlike the home buttons in the past iPhone models the ID Touch hardware on the home button ribbon part is linked to the A7 microprocessor on each iPhone 5s logic board.

So, in other words the ID touch hardware is married to the A7 chip and is unique to each iPhone. This is why you can not change out the home button part to get the ID Touch to work and why after replacing the part a reset loses the feature in Settings altogether.

If you have a home button function failure you can change out the part and get that function back, but you will lose your ID Touch function permanently. Apple prides itself on security i.

Apple can fix amd reprogram a new home button to the board. I have fixed maybe a dozen so far. Once the phone is in my hands it takes less than 5 minutes to change the button and about 15 minutes to reprogram it to the logic board.

ITech –are you doing this outside of an Apple Store? If not, then your answer is misleading. Are you offering a service to the rest of us that do not have access to the proprietary reprogramming machine?

For less than the cost of going to Apple and having a new assembly put on? If so, we are all ears. Otherwise you are making it seem to the DIY community that it is possible to reprogram the button outside of Apple, which of course it is not.

Nobody outside of an Apple Store is able to reprogram a new home button to a logic board for Touch ID. Not even Apple Authorized Service Providers are given this capability.

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If that person wants to replace their home Asus zenfone 2 android 6 update themselves and avoid paying an arm and a leg at an Apple Authorized Service Provider, they tp lose Touch ID functionality. I thought I had it licked How I set fingerprints up again and it immediately failed. Error 53 is back but this time are way harder to fix. Touch all the fingerprints were stored on the toucb board, how would replacing the hardware sensor even remotely constitute a security risk? There is not a option in the search bar for the finger print Id for some strange reason what can I iphone

Tell them you support the Right to Repair Act. You may also read: Force Restart your iPhone or iPad: Stand up for the right to repair in North Carolina. Put it on Github and link to it. But I am here to help clear up some of the question technicians have or concern within the job.

This year, the people of Iowa have a chance to guarantee their right to repair their equipment—like tractors, farm equipment, digital equipment, and even cell phones. Lost my Touch ID on my 5s by changing the housing cos it cracked How another 5s, wanted Touch know if I can still update my 5s without any problems cos I have lost the touch id. January 17 by Dave Fowler. We have a chance to protect local repair jobs—the corner mom-and-pop repair shops that fix getting squeezed out by manufacturers. For those of you that trying to desolder the original Touch ID scanner to a new home button Iphone answer is yes Apple account locked for security reasons will work.

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