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Selfie takers in mind when it made the honor 6 plus, as it added an 8 megapixel camera on the front of the devicethe phablet is powered by huawei’s kirin 925 octa core processor, alongside 3gb of ram and an energy efficient i3 coprocessor, which tracks fitness metrics while huawei offers up to 32gb of internal storage, the honor 6 plus also has a microsd card slot, so up to 128gb of storage can be added to the device a large 3,600mah battery is built in, making it larger than the one found in the iphone 6 plusin terms of connectivity, the honor 6 plus features nfc, td fdd lte cat 6, and dual sim slots there’s also an infrared transmitter that allows your phone to double as a remote control for your tv, hi fi system, and air conditioner as with every huawei phone, the honor 6 plus is running the company’s emotion ui 30 on top of android, which makes the phone look more like an ios device than an android handsetto sweeten the deal, huawei is adding 100gb of cloud storage and free access to more than 8 million wi fi hotspots, most of which are located in china even though the honor 6 plus has all the high end specs you’d expect from a $600 smartphone, huawei kept the price down the 16gb, 3g only version sans nfc will cost just cn¥1,999 or $320 off contract this version comes in black or white huawei also made a 4g version with all the bells and whistles, which costs cn¥2,499 or about $400 unsubsidized. Static1vertaafi fotos size 3 2 1 5 doogee suojakotelo doogee galicia x5 alypuhelimelle valkoinen 68813215jpgm ahr0chm6ly93d3cuzs12awxszs5jb20vaw1nl3avmtc5mdktnzg5mdctbgfyz2uuanbn. Android 511 lollipop wrapped under emui 31. Gran 1 av 3 varianter på lager.

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Type wi fi 80211a b g n. Expires april 30, 2017. Det är dock kring kortplatserna och nätverk rent allmänt som vi hittar de största nackdelarna med telefonen dubbel sim fungerar som så att du har ett kort dedikerat för data, medan samtal och sms kan skötas på båda korten bara 2g på det sekundära i exempelvis huawei mate 8 innebar det däremot inga som helst problem att när som helst växla vilket kort du ville köra data på genom en liten switch i android när vi försöker samma sak i honor 5x dör mottagningen på båda korten och inget fungerar förrän vi växlar tillbaka, så antagligen är det en hårdvarudel som det sparats in på att hantera samtal, både tekniskt och ljudkvalitetsmässigt, är däremot aldrig några problem även wifi är begränsat till 2,4 ghz nätet, där vi gärna hade sett 5 ghz inbyggt också ytterligare ett sätt att spara har varit att plocka bort alla möjligheter till nfc i telefonen. Rear camera 13mp wide f 20 aperture 28mm wide angle lens with five elements and macro mode for close up shots from just a few centimeters away. وقعیت یب gps درد, with a gps, glonass.

en nombre del honor 8
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The honor 5x is a sleek, mostly metal phone that costs just £190 $199 putting it in clear contention with the chunkier and cheaper moto g 2015 and pricier but similar oneplus x the honor comes with a few impressive features, but there a few cons too, which we can nitpickhere’s the thing honor is like the budget version of huawei so while the 5x has the same flashy fingerprint sensor we love on the nexus 6p, its sensor has been paired with a highly customised and older version of android that doesn’t support the ability to unlock apps plus the 5x lacks nfc, so you can’t use the fingerprint sensor to pay for goods eitheras ever, when it comes to affordable phones you win some and you lose some it’s all about compromise the honor 5x is no different in that regard, but at this affordable price point is it the one to love beyond all otherslet’s be real right away the 5x feels fairly cheap in the hand it has a diamond polished aluminium alloy body with chamfered edges, and while all that reads well, we thought the metal body just didn’t feel very solid nor premium it’s the exact same thing we felt with the oneplus x, reallythe metal body is more or less a metal back plate, because you’ll find plastic on the top and bottom of this device, and a full glass pane on the display that smoothly meets up with those metal and plastic edges the 5x weighs 158 grams, is 82mm thick, and has been given relatively small bezels underneath its laminated 55 inch displayaround the outside of the phone you’ll find all the usual buttons, toggles, and ports headphone jack at the top, sim and sd card stacked on the left, power and volume rocker on the right, and micro usb and a single speaker on the bottomtwo sets of speaker grilles are present for design purposes, but there’s just one speaker that gets decently loud though it’s also tinny when turned up all the way it otherwise has good clarity when not too loud and will do just fine if you want to watch a video or take a call through the loudspeakerso the 5x isn’t quite a gorgeous looking phone it’s a cute phone, though, especially at this price point it won’t stand out from the competition in terms of design, but we love that honor tried to do the whole metal body thing on the cheap it succeeds in the ergonomics department too its metal back offers decent grip for your fingers, and the buttons feature a textured pattern, all of which make it easy to grab this phone, find the buttons you want, and goonce upon a time a budget phone would look really budget because of its display but, thanks to advances in modern technology, these types of devices can now pack excellent viewing experiences while still keeping the price point downwe like the 5x’s bright colouring which you can adjust in settings , crisp enough resolution at this scale, wide viewing angles and decent brightness overall this honor offers a screen that seems on par or maybe even better than with what you’d find on the nexus 5x and oneplus 2if we had to find something to whine about, it would be that the phone lacks an oleophobic coating, so the display will constantly have fingerprints and smudges and grease also, don’t forget the honor 5x comes with a plastic film screen protector pre installed we kind of hate it, but we also loathe all screen protectors by default for the way they lookhonor has tried to make the 5x a premium quality mid range handset by giving it a metal back plate and 1080p display, but has majorly skimped in the performance arena the qualcomm snapdragon 615 processor and 2gb of ram under the hood is similar to what most rival phones in this space might offer, but the likes of oneplus is a step ahead once again with snapdragon 801 at a similar price pointthe 5x’s main issue its feature set has been paired with honor’s emui 31 custom user interface and power saving modes the result is a laggy and sluggish experience groanand yet a little digging can improve things plenty there are three power saving modes normal, smart, and ultra as in other huawei honor handsets smart is on by default, for some odd reason, which automatically adjusts the cpu and network usage for a supposed balanced performance for daily use but go ahead and shut that off if you use normal instead then you’ll notice the phone’s performance drastically improvesapps will open quick multitasking will work like a charm but, unfortunately, not all of those stutters will disappear this type of experience is pretty common on budget phones however, so keep that in mind it’s all about matching expectations reallysome last bits to mention is that this phone doesn’t come with headphones out of the box, and it only supports 80211n at 24ghz wi fi we think most phones at this

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