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How long will it last the huawei honor 7i has a 3100 mah battery and has connectivity that includes 4g lte, 3g hspa , wifi 80211 b g n, bluetooth 40 and gps. Tre compartimenti separati per garantire una perfetta compatibilità nano sim, micro sim e microsd dotati di un’avanzata tecnologia di scambio banda larga automatico per garantire sempre la massima potenza di segnale. Static1vertaafi fotos size 3 0 7 9 huawei honor 7 lite 51090mrs dual sim gold 69723079jpg. Hallo, ja würde ich gerne da ich für neue technic immer aufgeschlossen bin, und ja warum nicht es kommt aus dem hause huawei, die keine schlechten handys bauen.

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Mitat 1471 x 738 x 83 mm. Gizok thank you for your mail we support worldwide shipping, you can purchase this directly from our online shop. 5 inches ~90% screen to body ratio. Removal battery yes no. All accessories ordered with phones together will be shipped with express shipping by default.

buy huawei p8r welding ideas
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Pre salesif you have any questions before making a purchase, chat with our online sales to get more information. Huaweilta on jo nähdyn honor 7 älypuhelimen lisäksi odotettu erikoista honor 7i puhelinta kyseisen mallin vetonaulaksi on huhuttu liukuvaa kameraa, joka mahdollistaa selfie kuvien oton … lue lisää.

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So if possible, buy and flash aosp based rom is there decent software development for kirin processors. type ltps capacitive touchscreen, 16m colors.

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Accelerometer, proximity sensor, compass, gyro sensor. Slot microsd harus mengorbankan sim 2. Total contract cost over 24 months £19200.

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Auto bluetooth accensione e spegnimento. Music player yes, mp3, wav, flac, eacc. Support need to third party applications.

Akyazi sakarya türkiye. It’s free shipping made easy. Here are a few specs of the huawei honor 6. Processzor quad core 17 ghz cortex a53 és quad core 12 ghz cortex a53. Lte band 1 2100 , 3 1800 , 41 2500 pe ul00 lte band 1 2100 , 3 1800 , 7 2600 , 38 2600 , 39 1900 , 40 2300 , 41 2500 pe tl10. 8mp front facing camera.

Das alles ist aber mein persönliches empfinden, es heißt ja nicht, dass das handy schlecht ist es hat mir nur einfach nicht zugesagt. However, it’s worth noting that no network supports lte cat 6 at the time of writing even ee’s newly launched 4g network only supports a maximum of 150mbit s, and that’s available in precious few places while our tests suggest the phone’s octa core processor doesn’t provides the unparalleled performance that honor is claiming, though it’s certainly no slow coachthe processor is made up of a quad core cortex a15 chip running at up 20ghz and a quad core cortex a7 that generally runs at 13ghz this follows arm’s long heralded, but little utilised, biglittle concept the two cores run side by side, and the phone can intelligently decide which one to use to preserve battery power or provide maximum performance to date it has only been widely used in samsung exynos chipsets for the galaxy s4 and s5 among others however, in the uk we got the snapdragon based variant of those phones, rather than the eight core chipsthe chipset is paired with 3gb of ram, making for an impressive spec on paper our sunspider benchmark score of 617ms in the phone’s default browser, was over 200ms slower than the samsung galaxy s5 though, which completed the test in 391ms the honor 6’s score is still remarkable for such a cheap phone, and we managed to improve it to 578ms in chrome once we’d enabled the phone’s performance mode the honor 6 also beats its nearest competitors, the nexus 5 and sony’s award winning £335 xperia z3 compact, by a similar margin web browsing was beautifully smooth and responsive, too, and it handled the guardian’s desktop home page admirablybattery life was good, but we were expecting more from the honor 6’s clever chipset design and large 3,100mah battery the samsung galaxy note 4 has a 3,220mah battery, for example, and it lasted a massive 18 hours and 55 minutes in our continuous video playback test, but the honor 6 only managed 10 hours and 23 minutesthe honor 6’s graphics capabilities didn’t impress either, even with performance mode enabled in epic citadel on ultra high quality settings, for example, the honor 6 only managed an average frame rate of 313fps, which is nearly twice as slow as what we achieved on the nexus 5 and z3 compact the honor 6’s 3dmark scores were more promising, reaching 9,211 or 395fps in ice storm extreme and 14,189 or 597fps in ice storm unlimitedto us, the honor 6 is very reminiscent of the iphone 5s, from its rounded design and flat glass back right through to huawei’s emotion ui interface, which ditches android’s ubiquitous app tray so that all your apps are on show all the time our main gripe with the honor 6 is huawei’s emotion interface based on android 44, the simplified icons and ugly settings menu aren’t very attractive, and none of its additional themes help improve its appearance you can only access the notification bar by swiping down from the top of the screen on the left hand side, which is awkward swipe too far to the right and you’ll bring up the main settings menu insteadyou can tap the notifications tab to switch between the two, but it’d be much more convenient if they were combined into the same drop down window, as with many other android smartphones we much prefer the nexus 5’s pure android approach, especially as it’s now received an update to android lollipop, which could be a long wait on the honor 6the large 5in, 1,920×1,080 ips display is another boon, as it’s unusual to see a screen this big on a handset at this price the honor 6’s screen quality was marginally better than the nexus 5’s, too, as our calibrator reported an impressive 951 per cent srgb colour gamut coverage compared to the nexus 5’s 929 per cent coveragethe screen’s high brightness of 4822cd m2 also makes it easy to use outside, and its contrast ratio of 964 1 provides plenty of detail and wide viewing angles the only slight disappointment is the screen’s rather high black level of 050cd m2, which means text can look grey on desktop web pages, making it harder to read when you’re fully zoomed outthe honor 6’s 13 megapixel camera was a bit of a disappointment shadows in our outdoor shots were very dark, even in bright sunshine, and areas of detail tended to look muddy and hazy when we zoomed in to the photo’s native resolution colours looked cool, despite the favourable lighting conditionsthe camera’s hdr mode helped brighten dark shadow areas a little, but it also made colours appear even more pale and lifeless switching to smart mode didn’t improve things either, as it still struggled to pick out the detailed brickwork in our test shots in both light and dark areas of the shotthe honor 6 is a great smartphone for £250, and its performance gives several top smartphones a real run for their money it’s not completely perfect, though, and we’d still choose the slightly more expensive nexus 5 over the honor 6, as we much prefer the nexus 5’s design, camera and its pure version of android however, if huawei’s emotion user interface doesn’t bother you, and you want the best value phone for £250, you should buy the honor 6. Great battery life last full day even if use 3g today i used it for more than 24 hours stll there is 17% chargei did every thing played video, whatsapp, fb, game, wifi, wifi hotsport five stars.