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1 Jan 05, · In-depth review of the Asus Zenfone 2 ZEKL (Snapdragon APQ, Adreno, 5″, g) with numerous.

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3 Asus ZenFone 2 Laser ZEKL / ZEKG [ inch] Case, Mulbess Leather Case, Flip Folio Book Case, Money Pouch Wallet Cover with Kick Stand for ZenFone 2 Laser.

4 Jan 05, · In-depth review of the Asus Zenfone 2 ZEKL (Snapdragon APQ, Adreno, 5″, g) with numerous.

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After a year on the market this phone still is full of bugs. Though they released an update for the earjacks recently, it still has the bug that soundnotifications like from whatsapp, phonecalls, sms and so on will be played over speakers, no matter if earjacks are plugged or not.

Dateformat is not changeable. Timestamp option in the photoapp is fixed to american dateformat i think displaying month. Though Android allows to integrate SD-Cards as internal memory, ASUS wont allow it and its recognised as external memory so you cannot save apps on it.

Well, you can tell the cameraapp to save pics to SD, but thumbs and according data still will be saved internal. And other apps e. It fixes plastic headphone jack bug and security update.

Anybody get that too? Can go ahead for Asus instead of any other phones. Also works absolutely fine even now. Mie, 02 Mar Gps not working My phone also have similar problem.

Anonymous, 21 Feb Is this fon r good or bad. This phone is pretty good. However, probably the most important medium is mobile data transmission. Localization is possible via the installed GPS module.

It takes some time for connecting indoors, but a strong and stable reception quality is achieved within a few seconds outdoors.

The test call reminds us of an old analog connection. It sounds as if the person is far away. However, the contact hears a good voice quality, and the installed speaker renders speech clearly.

A 5 MP camera for selfies and snapshots is installed on the front. It fulfills its purpose. The rear-facing 13 MP camera definitely ensures better quality. It produces color-rich photos alongside the auto-focus and LED flash.

A relatively good photo quality can be seen based on our example pictures. In sufficiently bright surroundings, the familiar color noise occurs late. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image.

One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device.

In addition to the instructions, a charging cable and headset are included. The manufacturer also offers some interesting items on its page: Beyond that, a flip cover and in-ear headsets can also be purchased.

A month warranty with pick-up and return service from date of purchase is included. Asus uses its own virtual keyboard. The user can create a dictionary so that personal abbreviations are also displayed in word suggestions, making it easier to type.

Handwriting is also detected. The thickness can be adjusted, but this function can only be used in special apps SuperNote.

The keys are large in both landscape and portrait mode. The available space is used perfectly. We could type quickly and smoothly. The stable 5-inch HD panel has a resolution of x pixels.

This equates to a pixel density of PPI. Seen purely subjectively, the brightness looks rather dimmed. It will be seen whether this dimming is caused by a grayish tint further below.

Subjectively, black looks relatively saturated as long as the brightness is not at maximum. The black level of 0.

The resulting contrast not only ensures good rates in the specification sheet, it also produces nice and strong images on the screen.

We examine the deviations in colors and grayscale via the CalMAN analysis. A good rate of 1. The colors present 3. The rivals look rather bad against that.

We measured a color temperature of K in our ZenFone. This rate only deviates slightly from the ideal K. Of course, outdoor use is of great significance for a mobile device.

Allerdings ist diese Funktion nur in speziellen Apps SuperNote einsetzbar. Der Platz wird hervorragend genutzt. Umgerechnet ergibt dies eine Pixeldichte von ppi. Rein subjektiv wirkt ein Schwarzton relativ satt, solange die Helligkeit nicht auf ihr Maximum gedreht wurde.

Mit 0,49 beim Schwarzwert kann das Motorola auch in diesem Fall nicht mithalten. Bei den Graustufen zeigen sich im Werkszustand gute Werte bei 1, Dagegen sieht die Konkurrenz eher schlecht aus: Die gemessene Farbtemperatur unseres ZenFones wurde bei 6.

Ganz gleich, welche Richtung wir einschlagen: Das Motorola Moto G muss mit nur halb so viel Hauptspeicher auskommen. Wir wollen nun einen Blick auf die Performance-Werte der Benchmarks werfen.

Insgesamt schneidet der eingesetzte SoC auf dem zu erwartenden Niveau ab und liegt dicht auf den baugleichen Kontrahenten. Problematischer wird es in Spielen wie Asphalt 8 Airborne:

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Of course, outdoor use is of great significance for a mobile device. Видео и фототехника Asus ZenFone 2 Glacier Gray hzrca. Motorola Moto G 3. The poor call quality tes to be noted unfavorably.

However, the contact hears a good voice quality, and the installed speaker renders speech clearly. The colors present 3. Now for a look at the performance outcomes in the benchmarks: More than one communication option is installed. The ZenFone does not let us down in this regard.

Outdoors on an overcast winter day. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Localization is possible via the installed GPS module. Solch ein Szenario erreicht man allerdings eher selten. Conditions of Use Privacy Policy.

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