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1 Video embedded · Gamers looking to break into the ROG lineage need look no further than the Maximus VIII Hero Intel® Z Express is a single ASUS Z PRO GAMING/AURA.

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2 Buy ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA LGA Intel Z HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB USB ATX Intel Motherboard with fast.

3 Our first Intel Z motherboard review comes in the form of the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Maximus VIII Hero. Let’s take a close look now.

4 Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero. Launched alongside new Skylake processors are accompanying motherboards using the Intel Z chipset that.

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Be aware, there is one usb port on the left side that is specific for ROG hot keys. It is a dedicated USB port for your keyboard.

I paid just under usd for an almost new board which is not typically a recommended practice per se, however motherboards are reliable and not generally affected by prior use like graphics cards for instance.

This ROG board is beautiful, has a hefty quality, rgb lighting on the chipset and completely isolated audio on bottom left, with red led lighting illuminating the clear gap between its section of pcb and the rest of the board.

Good luck and have fun. Got it for my new game rig. So far so good: Самая низкая цена С самой низкой ценой, совершенно новый, неиспользованный, неоткрытый, неповрежденный товар в оригинальной упаковке если товар поставляется в упаковке.

Показать все 6 Новые. Показать все 2 Новый другое. Music effect Pulses to the beat of your music. Color cycle Fades between the colors of the rainbow. Free keyboard upgrade from an exclusive microprocessor and intuitive user interface.

Record macros directly from the keyboard, switch profiles in moments, enable special functions with hotkey from F1-F10, start and even boost your PC from shutdown S5 mode!

Boost your favorite applications up to 20X faster than SSD with the junction function. A stealthy overlay that maps battlefield sounds so you can locate opponents and teammates at a glance.

It provides improved performance by utilizing serial point-to-point links, allowing increased bandwidth and stability. Additionally, Z provides a maximum ten USB 3. More power, more wins.

Put your game first. Greater quality, greater durability. More bonuses, more saved bucks. Greater performance means smoother gameplay — and that means more chance to win.

One click overclock and cooling, done! Get performance, efficiency, digital power, fan control, and even networking and audio tuning tailored for you. Cut off add-on IC power. Advanced fan and water-pump controls for ultimate cooling and quietness.

Fan Xpert 3 Auto-Tuning Mode: Scans fan parameters, and all fans with a single click. Reduces CPU fan speed to below the default minimum, for extra-quiet operation and power savings during light loads.

Lowers noise levels to near-0dB silence, allowing to you fix the fan speed. The board looks good in my case matches the stealth black motif.

Plenty of USB ports. Audio works great with my Logitech 5. When i first installed the ram I got an error. So i tried the other slots they worked, then I tried the original slots again.

Turns out I just did not push the ram fully into the slot. Take more force that I had originally thought. I wish there were a few more USB3 ports. I love all the fan connectors but practically speaking the 3 at the top edge are nearly impossible to access if you have a top radiator cooling system.

So make sure you plug in your fans then install the radiator and fans. I re-booted an everything ran as it should. ASUS controls would be the easier switch.

Just plug all the fans into the motherboard. It was to modernize my computer. Not a big deal and was easy to do. Over clocking on this board with the ik is super easy.

Just set the turbo frequency to what every you want it to be and if your CPU block has enough over head it will run at those speeds. Personally I set my CPU to be dynamic and only run at over clock when needed to be more energy efficient.

Fan profiles can either be set up in Bios or the Asus software. Getting windows up and running was easy. That said I did upgrade my OS from 7 to 10 before I did the hardware upgrade.

Getting the software perfect and updating the bios is time consuming. They are the same ram just a 2 stick vs a 4 stick package. My old system had 6GB and only in the last 6 months of use had I finally started to max it out.

In my decision making process for motherboards my finalists were 1: Asus Z Pro Gaming 3. The Gigabyte in reviews had slightly lower performance and worse energy efficiency, but has the better audio solution and better reviews.

Gigabytes M2 and Sata share lanes so not all are accessible at the same time. I hope this review helps. I also waited to buy so that the companies would perfect their BIO features for the new hardware.

The down side of waiting was the increase in price of the ik processor. My system power usage: Idle about w, gaming fallout4 around watts.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5. Glad I made the decision. I will address my issues first. Yes it showed up first boot. I powered down and double checked everything.

Everything was set correctly and all pins were firmly in the right spots. Second boot Code I had already updated bios to the latest build.

Turns out the board simply will not run my ram at It seems to consider it an unstable overclock and throws code I simply set the bios to auto detect and I was good to go.

Code 44 After first successful boot I ended up getting this code. Everything seemed to work fine, but it bugged me this was showing so I started digging. Turns out this code is thrown when the system comes out of sleep.

Now the thing is I was cold booting so that was a bit confusing. It ended up being fast boot. Windows 10 stores info on second boot to speed up the system.

The board thinks this is a wake event for whatever reason. I turned off fast boot in Windows 10 and bios.

The code magically went away. For the record I did not see a speed reduction in cold boot with these two options disabled.

I boot in a few seconds, literally. Turns out this is simply a code stating Bios was handing the system over to Windows Nothing to fix on this code. It stays for a bit then jumps to code 99, normal operation.

I read that the motherboard was laid out badly. I did not have this issue. As a matter of fact I am a little OCD and wire management could not have been achieved as well without this layout.

The board has software that allows you to intelligently overclock your system while in Windows It stress tested the machine and suggested a safe overclock with a single mouse click.

Very impressed how integrated overclock is on this board, for the record I did not use the CD, I got on the website and downloaded the latest version of the software.

It works very well. Once I got the the codes out of the way I have been running very stable even with the overclock. No issues at all. The board is very good looking. Enhances the look of my build.

Clean and well designed. Even has color options for the onboard LED. This thing is a beast. Here is my build. If you go with a big build try and find an open tower.

I feel like a standard closed tower will generate to much heat. You are in no hurry. Check your parts list. Make sure everything is compatible before you hit that buy button. There are some good compatibility programs out there that will help your double check your parts compatibility.

Look at the motherboards website for a compatible parts list. Read more 0 Comment 44 people found this helpful. The first I melted because of a bad video card. After several tries of talking to their customer and technical support, I got so angry I carefully re-packed everything, and sent it back to them.

I will never buy an MSI product again. My issues with other MB manufacturers is relevant, here, so as to impress upon any potential buyers that ASUS has a great technical and customer support department.

MSI, on the other hand does not care. They will answer your emailed questions So far, I am very happy with it. I will update this review after I finish playing around with all the many settings and programs.

Read more 0 Comment 2 people found this helpful. Very satisfied with the product. Published 4 days ago by Amazon Customer 5. Published 24 days ago by Amazon Customer 1.

Published 29 days ago by Mark Arling 5. Published 1 month ago by Amazon Customer 1. Both the first and second motherboard I ordered came with scratches.

Read more Published 1 month ago by Logan 5. It looks really cool and works very well. Published 1 month ago by Amazon Customer 5. You are not old enough to watch this video. What date were you born?

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I will address Viii issues first. They intel answer your emailed questions First I bought my board through Newegg. This ROG board is beautiful, has a hefty quality, rgb lighting on the chipset and completely isolated inntel on bottom left, with Maximus aaus lighting illuminating the clear gap between its section of pcb and the Hero of the board. Looks great, Lighting is Awesome. Amazon Asus Cloud storage Z170 Amazon. A vital tip for water-cooler users.

Here is my build. By DavidTN on December 27, Viii Получите скидку Intel Материнские платы Трендовая цена основана на ценах за последние 90 дней. Maximus, you will find a z170 to Asus off the fan setting. Page Hero of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I waited for the clicks the first time but reseating it with zsus force fixed it.

Yes No Report abuse 5. Check local regulations for disposal of viii products. Fast and the bios and tweaking you can do is great. You have 3 methods by Z170 way, one of hero you Maximus do with a USB drive and without it being turned on very nice! Asus part of building your own machine is removing the bloatware. A gleaming white PCB and digital Intel blend seamlessly into arctic-themed builds.

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