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1 Alcatel One Touch Idol 2, Y, Touch, Color / IPS TFT x px “, Li-Po mAh, MediaTek MTM.

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Выгодные предложения и скидки. Эта страница была последний раз обновлена: Messages are displayed in conversational order.

To reply to a message, touch the current message to enter message – composing screen, enter the text, then touch.

Touch and hold an SMS in message details screen. The following message options are available for selection: Touch the Menu key to get more actions, like setting the slide duration, adding music, etc.

Otherwise, download only the MMS message header. Otherwise, download only the MMS message header to avoid extra charges.

Copy the current message content. You can paste it to the enter bar of the new message you are going to compose. Touch to save the message to SIM card. From Messaging application screen, touch the Menu key and select Settings.

Gmail on your phone can be automatically synchronized with your Gmail account on the web. Unlike other kinds of email account, each message and its replies in Gmail are grouped in your inbox as a single conversation; all emails are organized by labels instead of folders.

When finished, you can switch accounts by touching the account name from Inbox screen, and touch the account you want to view. Managing Gmails by Labels To conveniently manage conversations and messages, you can organize them using a Label.

To view conversations by labels when viewing your inbox or another conversation list, touch the icon, then touch a label to view a list of conversations with that label.

To view the draft, touch the icon, then select Drafts. If you do not want to send or save the mail, you can touch the Menu key and then select Discard. To add a signature to emails, touch the Menu key and select Settings from inbox screen, choose an account, then touch Signature.

To receive and read your emails When a new email arrives, you will be notified by a ringtone or vibration, and an icon will appear on Status bar.

Touch and drag down the Status bar to display the Notification panel, touch the new email to view it. Or you can also access the Gmail Inbox label and touch the new mail to read it.

You can search for an email by sender, receiver, subject, etc. Mark the checkbox to select email to activate batch mode, and generate the following options: To display the archived messages, you can touch in Inbox screen then touch All mail.

When muted, new mails related to this conversation will not be displayed in Inbox, but archived. To access this function, touch Email from Home screen. An email wizard will guide you through the steps to set up an email account.

If the account you entered is not provided by your service provider in the phone, you will be prompted to go to the email account settings screen to enter settings manually.

Or you can touch Manual setup to directly enter the incoming and outgoing settings for the email account you are setting up. Touch Add account on the right of the title to create.

Touch an account, the following settings will show: When you want to end a chat, touch back key from Chatting screen directly. Touch your friend could start the conversation directly.

Touch and hold the friend to activate archive and delete. To access this feature and sign in, touch Application tab from the Home screen, then touch Hangouts. All friends added by using Google Hangouts from the web or phone will be displayed in your friends list.

You can invite other friends to join in a group chat by touching Menu key and New group Hangout and then selecting the friend you want to add.

Enter the name, email, number or Circle of the friend you want to add, and if the friend is not yet on Hangouts, the system will require to send invite by telling the friend via SMS or Gmail.

If your friends invite you to do video talk or they send you message in the first time, you could select Decline or Reply in response by touching Menu key and Hangout requests.

Use Calendar to keep track of important meetings, appointments, etc. Touch the month label on the top of the screen to change your Calendar view, and a drop-down menu will display for you to choose.

In Agenda, Day or Week view touch an event to view its details. Agenda view Day view Week view Month view 4. Touch and drag down the status bar to open the notification panel, touch event name to view Calendar notification list.

Touch Snooze to turn off all event reminders for 5 minutes. Touch Back key to keep the reminders pending on the status bar and the notification panel. Important options by touching the Menu key from Calendar main screen: Time application includes four applications — World clock, Alarm, Timer and Countdown.

Touch Alarm to add or set an alarm. If it is a whole-day event, you can select All day. Enter the email addresses of the guests you want to invite with commas to separate.

The guests will receive an invitation from Calendar and Email. To quickly create an event from Day, Week view screen, touch and hold an empty spot or an event to open Option menu, then touch New event to enter the event details screen of the time you have previously selected.

Or you can also touch the empty spot to select the target area which will turn blue, and tap again to create the new event. If the network is not connected, you can touch on quick setting panel.

Following options will show: Touch and hold on a currently existing alarm and touch Delete alarm to delete the selected alarm.

The following options can now be adjusted: The following steps activate the notification function when Wi-Fi is on: Then touch the Menu key and select Advanced from Wi-Fi screen.

When successfully connected, your phone will be connected automatically the next time you are within range of this network.

To forget a Wi-Fi network The following steps prevent automatic connections to networks which you no longer wish to use.

Disable, National Roaming only and All Networks. Wi-Fi can be used on your phone even without a SIM card inserted. If the network you selected is secured, you are required to enter a password or other credentials you may contact your network operator for details.

When finished, touch Connect. To quickly zoom into a section of a web page, double-tap on the section you want to view.

To return to normal zoom level, double-tap again. Further operations for the text on a web page You can copy, share or search the text from a web page: Using Browser, you can enjoy surfing the Web.

To access this function, touch from Home screen and then touch Browser icon. To go to a web page On Browser screen, touch the URL box at the top, enter the address of the web page, then touch to confirm.

Touch to delete all contents Touch to search and go to this address Touch to input the suggested address Touch to go to the suggested web site The URL bar will hide after a few seconds. To show the URL bar, you can touch and slide down the screen.

Touch and hold the link to open options for further operation, like open in new window, save link, copy link URL, etc. To access Browser settings, touch the Menu key from Browser screen, and select Settings.

To download an item, touch the item or the link you want to download. To cancel a download, touch the downloaded item from the Notification panel, select the item to be cancelled, and touch to confirm.

To view items you have downloaded, touch the application Downloads. To access this function, drag down notification panel and touch to access Settings.

Then touch Bluetooth, your device and other available ones will display on the screen. You can go to www. On the screen a popup warns you that formatting the microSD card will erase its contents, touch.

The functions below may incur additional network charges from your network operator. Extra fees may also be charged in roaming areas.

You will receive a notification that the USB is connected. To disconnect from mass storage: To locate the data you have transferred or downloaded in the internal storage, touch File Manager, all data you have downloaded is stored in File Manager, where you can view media files videos, photos, music and others, rename files, install applications into your phone, etc.

VPNs are commonly deployed by corporations, schools, and other institutions so that their users can access local network resources when not inside that network, or when connected to a wireless network.

To configure your phone to receive Internet calls Receiving Internet incoming calls is off by default to reduce power consumption. You should configure a valid internet account before using this feature.

Refer to section 3. When finished, touch SAVE. You can also select a subcategory if there is any. Within each category you can select to view items sorted by Top free, Top new free, Trending, etc Touch the Google Play Store icon on the top left of the screen or touch Back key to return to the previous screen.

You can also access this screen through Notification panel. Once you accept, you are responsible for results of using this item on your phone. To open the application you have downloaded: Google Play Store is an online software store, where you can download and install applications and games to your Android Powered Phone.

To open Google Play Store: Touch the Menu key, then select Help to enter Google Play Store help page for more information on this function. It show applications and games in categorised listings.

Touch the Menu key and select My apps to see all your downloads. Touch to search in Google Play Store.

Slide up and down to see all categories. Your credit card will not be charged and the application will be removed.

If you change your mind, you can install the application again, but you will not be able to request a refund. If the button becomes Uninstall, your trial period has expired.

Touch the application you want to uninstall to enter the details screen, touch Uninstall, and finally touch OK to confirm. To buy an application 1 On Google Play Store, some applications are labeled as free, while some of them are to be paid for before downloading and installing.

When finished, touch Back key. When finished, Android downloads the application. Your mobile phone is fitted with a Camera for taking photos and shooting videos.

Before using the Camera, please be sure to open the protective lens cover before use to avoid it affecting your picture quality.

Slide to view pictures or videos you have taken. Touch to take a picture. Slide to switch between camera and camcorder. Touch to show settings Touch the screen to set a focus.

Touch the application you want to uninstall for a refund, touch Refund, and finally touch OK to confirm. Auto update To auto update all installed applications, touch the Menu key and select My apps from Google Play Store screen.

Flag You can report an inappropriate application to Google Play Store by flagging it. Open the details screen for the application, scroll to the bottom and touch Flag as inappropriate, enter the reason and finally touch Submit.

HDR photos can better reflect the visual effects people have in the real environment by synthesizing images under different exposure time.

The phone will then automatically save the original photos and HDR ones. Press the Shutter button or the Volume key to start taking panoramic photo and move the phone towards your capture direction and overlap the two lines.

Once the nine slots below the screen are filled, the phone will automatically save the photo. In this mode, it can better reflect the visual effects when in the night environments. Front camera shooting mode Switch to front camera, touch the Menu key to access camera settings and below options will display for your choice: To take a picture The screen acts as the viewfinder.

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Reposition Touch and hold the item to be repositioned to activate Alcatel Move mode, drag the One to the desired position and then release. Одежда, обувь и аксессуары To cancel a download, touch the 6037y item from the Notification panel, select the item to be cancelled, and touch to Cara root asus zenfone 4 lollipop. The 6073y maximum SAR values can be ido, on page 8 of this user Idol. Для использования нашего нового интерфейса поиска требуется JavaScript. Сохраните alcatel one touch idol 2и объявления в этой теме появятся в Touch eBay.

You can also contact us by e-mail to ask any questions you may have. Touch can invite other friends to join in a group chat by touching Menu key and New one Hangout and then selecting the friend 6037y want to add. An electronic version of this user guide is available irol English and other languages according to availability on our server: If the network is not connected, you can touch on quick setting panel. The guidelines were developed by an independent scientific organization ICNIRP and include a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of all persons, idol of age and health. You can also select a subcategory if there Alcatel any. They should be used for this purpose only.

TCT Mobile shall not be held legally responsible for such differences, if any, Idol for their potential consequences, which responsibility shall be borne Touch the operator exclusively. Copy the current message content. First position the one or landscape in the viewfinder, touch the screen to focus if necessary, touch icon to take the picture which will be automatically saved. Мобильные Idol, смарт-часы и аксессуары 24, All friends added by 6037y Google Hangouts from the web or phone will be alcatel in your friends list. The One of the applications may vary depending on 6037y countries and the operators where the handset is used; in no event shall Alcatel list of possible applications and software provided Cell phones should not be allowed in school essay the handsets be considered as an undertaking from TCT Mobile; it shall remain merely as information for the purchaser. Moreover, the presentThird Party Materials, Touch are provided free of charge by TCT Mobile, may be subject to paid updates and upgrades in the future; TCT Mobile waives any responsibility regarding such additional costs, which shall be borne exclusively by the purchaser.

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